Colin Arthur Matthews

1948 - 2015

It brings me immense sadness to announce the passing of Folk Orbit's creator and editor, Colin Matthews. In March, 2015, he was diagnosed with Hepatacellular Carcinoma (Liver Cancer), and has been fighting tooth and nail with it ever since. In September, he was taken into hospital, and grew very weak. Complications with Type 2 Diabetes confounded the cancer, making it far more aggressive than anyone thought it would be.

Colin’s father died in the same hospital, in a ward just down the corridor while he, himself, was an inpatient, on the 18th September; they missed seeing each other by minutes. Colin was being wheeled down the corridor by a porter when his brother came out of his father’s ward. At that point, Colin made himself, and his father, a promise. He would be at his father’s funeral. Through monumental effort, and charged with adrenaline, Colin grew stronger overnight. He worked with physiotherapy teams in hospital to get him back on his feet and walking, and within three days, on his and his wife’s 42nd wedding anniversary, he was discharged from hospital to come home. He worked like crazy organising things for his father’s funeral over the next week; even visiting the Royal British Legion where the wake was to be held. He expended every ounce of energy making sure that day went perfectly, and his main focus was ensuring his mother and brother didn’t have to shoulder all of the burden. At the wake, Colin was able to play guitar, and sing, and laugh with friends and family; but by Thursday, the adrenaline had worn off.

Colin is my hero. He put in such a super-human effort at the end. Among other things, he was a musician, a teacher, a writer, a designer, a businessman, a cook, an artist, a devoted husband, and a wonderful father.

Thank you for all your support for Folk Orbit over the years. Folk Orbit is currently not in production, and will not be updated. This page will be left open in memorium.

-- Peter Colin Matthews, son of Colin Matthews.


A dedicated page within the Book of Memories on The British Liver Trust website has been opened, so that donations can be made to them online, in memory of Colin. To leave a memory of Colin, please click the link below, there is also an option to donate directly to the charity on his page in the Book of Memories.If you are considering donating via cheque, please print out and complete the following form so that your donation will benefit from Gift Aid.

Gift Aid Form for Offline Donations

Colin Matthews - Book of Memories - British Liver Trust

A Just Giving fundraising page has also been set up to raise funds for The British Liver Trust, in memory of Colin.